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I Have A Weak Cell Phone Signal, WHY?

 Problems with weak cell phone signal is widespread across the country and more common than you may think. There are various causes that effect your signal strength. Distance to cell phone towers, Interfering building/construction materials, topography, and bouncing signals. Any one of these reasons depending on where you are can have an impact on your cell phone reception. It will mean the difference of lightening 4G data speeds, not dropping calls and, well, just staying connected as you transition from your work office to home.   

Your Solution - A Professionally Installed Signal Booster

 Signal boosters capture nearby cellular signals, amplify them, and broadcast the stronger signal to eliminate dropped calls and slow data speeds for cellular device users. Whether you need better cell phone reception for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or any other major US provider.  Boosting voice and data coverage irrespective of your location, topography and building materials.   A cell phone signal booster is a high-performance, reliable and cost-effective solution for your home. 

How It Works

1. The Outside Donor Antenna is installed on the exterior of your home at a location that receives the strongest cellular signal from a nearby cell tower. The antenna captures the outside signal and pulls it into your home through the cable.

2. The Signal Booster receives the outside signal from the antenna and amplifies the signal before sending the boosted signal to the indoor antenna(s).

3. The Indoor Antenna(s) are installed in your building and distribute the amplified signal through each indoor antenna.   Some buildings may require multiple indoor antennas.

4. Cables connect the outdoor and indoor antennas to the booster.

From single rooms to 'wall to wall' we can get can get you covered.