Commercial In-Building - Keeping you seamlessly Connected

The Impact of bad cell phone reception on your business

 The common issues that impact your business daily.  Dropped calls – can be big issue and even embarrassment when communicating with customers. With clients becoming frustrated and deals being delayed or lost.  Choppy reception – Cause nothing but miscommunication resulting in client dissatisfaction.  Connectivity problems – Not being able to connect with your prospects, customers or the office could result in your competition getting richer.  Low download speeds – Access to important information on the go is a must to be efficient.  If you don't it will effect you service you provide to your clients.

Your Solution - A Professionally Installed Signal Booster

 If you are looking for affordable, reliable and smart solutions, There are a wide range of options for you to choose from. Home office, medium-sized business, large manufacturing operation, sprawling commercial complex, or your car—our amplifiers can boost voice and data coverage anywhere. Ending your cellphone reception problems almost immediately. 

Cell Phone Signal Boosters: Clear and Consistent Communication

 Don't give away business when we have a solution that will fit your needs.  Cell phone signal booster is a high-performance, reliable and cost-effective solution for big and small businesses, educational and government complexes, industrial buildings.

How It Works

1. The Outside Donor Antenna is installed on the exterior of your large building at a location that receives the strongest cellular signal from a nearby cell tower. The antenna captures the outside signal and pulls it into your building through the cable.

2. The Signal Booster receives the outside signal from the antenna and amplifies the signal before sending the boosted signal to the indoor antenna(s).

3. The Indoor Antenna(s) are installed in your home and distribute the amplified signal throughout the building.   Some larger buildings may require multiple indoor antennas.

4. Cables connect the outdoor and indoor antennas to the booster.

Maximize your productivity by staying connected.